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Historic Organs in Poland (Nr kat.:210) 5.02 PLN Log in
Polish animated cartoon (Nr kat.:209) 4.28 PLN Log in
Madonnas of the Eastern Borderlands (Nr kat.:4709) 54.00 PLN Log in
600 years of Turkish-Polish diplomatic relations (Nr kat.:186) 3.69 PLN Log in
Polish Legions (Nr kat.:184) 6.27 PLN Log in
650th. anniversary of consecration of Wawel Cathedral (Nr kat.:177) 9.23 PLN Log in
Folk Art - Traditional National Costumes (Nr kat.:176) 3.39 PLN Log in
Rally of Great Sailing Ships - Szczecin 2013 (Nr kat.:175) 6.27 PLN Log in
The second Polish Scientific Satellite (Nr kat.:174) 3.36 PLN Log in
900 years of the chronicle of Gallus Anonymous (Nr kat.:173) 6.27 PLN Log in
200th anniversary of birth of Zygmunt Krasiński (Nr kat.:167) 3.06 PLN Log in
World Philatelic Exibition - Portugal 2010 (Nr kat.:158) 2.21 PLN Log in
150 Years of Polish Post Stamp (Nr kat.:155) 3.06 PLN Log in
65th anniversary of Outbreak of Warsaw Uprising (Nr kat.:154) 2.77 PLN Log in
4th June 1989 - 20th anniversary of the Memorable Elections (Nr kat.:152) 2.77 PLN Log in
World Philatelic Exhibition - China 2009 (Nr kat.:151B) 2.21 PLN Log in
450 years of Polish Post. (Nr kat.:148) 3.21 PLN Log in
World Philatelic Exhibition Efiro 2008 (Nr kat.:147) 2.21 PLN Log in
750 years of Poznań City (Nr kat.:135) 2.51 PLN Log in
XVII Convention of the Polish Association of Philatelists (block perforated) (Nr kat.:119) 1.40 PLN Log in
1000 years of Gdańsk (block perforated) (Nr kat.:115) 3.00 PLN Log in
Vth. Visit of the Pope of John Paul II in Poland (Nr kat.:116) 3.50 PLN Log in
World Day of Post (1986) (Nr kat.:87) 10.00 PLN Log in
II visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland (Nr kat.:077) 2.50 PLN Log in
Visit of the Pope of John Paul II in Poland (Nr kat.:062) 25.00 PLN Log in
Poland 1988 - 70 anniversary of the recovery of independence by Poland, cancelled block 80.00 PLN Log in

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