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Stamps / cancelled blocks
Gorgets of Cursed Soldiers (Nr kat.:229) 8.86 PLN Log in
The World through the eyes of the young. (Nr kat.:224) 7.32 PLN Log in
Finances of the Independent (Nr kat.:223) 7.32 PLN Log in
75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising (Nr kat.:222) 5.39 PLN Log in
50th anniversary of the landing of man on the moon (Nr kat.:221) 6.20 PLN Log in
450 years of Union of Lublin (Nr kat.:220) 6.20 PLN Log in
600 years of Turkish-Polish diplomatic relations (Nr kat.:186) 3.69 PLN Log in
650th. anniversary of consecration of Wawel Cathedral (Nr kat.:177) 9.23 PLN Log in
150th anniversary of the creation of National Museum in Warsaw (Nr kat.:168) 3.06 PLN Log in

Number of items 9

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