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Flowers and fruits - Nymphaea (2015; Nr kat.:4638)
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A stamp representing the Flowers and Fruits - Nymphaea. White water lily, commonly referred to water lily, a species of perennial from the family Nymphaea. One of about 50 species of the genus Nymphaea. Due to the spectacular large flowers floating on the surface of the water, this species is widespread in cultivation, especially in the form of colorful varieties of flowering. It is also a medicinal plant, and formerly also a dye. In many countries and Poland, the species is protected due to the threat of natural habitats.

stamp features :

  • designer: Marzanna Dąbrowska

  • number of stamps: 1

  • value: PLN 0,10

  • print run: multimillion stamps

  • printing technology: rotogravure

  • stamp format: 31,25 x 25,50 mm

  • selling sheet: 100 stamps

  • paper: fluorescent

  • circulation date: 15 September 2015

  • perforation: ZG 11,5;11,75

  • catalog number: 4638

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