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Terms of Delivery
Delivery Terms

1. Products ordered at the online store are delivered by mail sent via Poczta Polska S.A.
2. Information about the types of mail available for the delivery of your order is shown in the “Your Basket” window before you place your order.
3. The costs of delivery in Poland for purchases below PLN 100.00 or purchases of products weighing over 2 kg will be borne by you in accordance with the currently applicable price list of Poczta Polska S.A. for the particular type of mail.
4. An order with a total one-time price (incl. VAT) equal to or higher than PLN 100.00 and including items with a weight not exceeding 2 kg, including the packaging weight, is sent within Poland at the expense of the Seller.
5. Shipment of the order outside Poland, regardless of the value and weight of the order, is done at your expense as mail sent via Poczta Polska S.A.
6. Every package is sent with a proof of purchase (VAT invoice or specification).

Forms and rules of payment

1. Payment for purchases at the online store can be made in the following forms:

1) by bank transfer via the payment gateway available at the online store;
2) by payment card via the payment gateway available at the online store. Accepted payment cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic;
3) by transfer to the bank account indicated at the online store.

2. The Seller accepts payments made in Polish zlotys (PLN), euros (EUR) or US dollars (USD). Information about the currency of the individual bank accounts will be communicated to you in the order summary. If you make the payment to the bank account of the Seller in currency other than that of the bank account, your payment will be converted to the relevant currency by the bank that operates the account under the terms specified in the contract between the bank and the Seller. You will be responsible for any consequences of paying in currency other than the currency indicated in this paragraph, in particular for any consequences relating to the payment date, exchange rate or use of currency that cannot be converted.
3. Payments to the Seller in forms other than indicated in paragraph 1 will not be recognised as payments towards the order. In such a situation, the amount of such payments will be refunded to you upon your request and at your expense.
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